As everyone knows I have been working hard with the development team, marketing team, site owners and lawyers to develop the Elite Team Play Pro Shop. It is only a couple weeks away before I announce the launch of that awesome feature. I want everyone that plan to utilize the store follow the Pro Shop Rules below. I will be creating a user video with a full walk through on how to utilize the store. Also please reach out if you have any questions to any of these Rules.


Things to Keep in Mind:

We're committed to building a trustworthy community where everyone has fun and treats others the way they want to be treated.
Almost everyone in our community is both a buyer and a seller, so consider these rules of use:

Carefully read listing information and descriptions

When you win an item, or buy an item you will be sent a message from the system instructing you to contact the seller within 24hrs from our sites In-Mail system. Failure to contact the seller in our site In-mail system within 24hrs may result in forfeit of product.

Silver and gold will automatically be removed from your profile once you click the (purchase) or (Join) absolutely NO REFUNDS will be processed so make sure you want the item you are buying with your virtual currency.

All items will either be delivered digitally or automatically assigned to your account.
Instructions on how to access the purchase or redeem your digital code will be either on the item description, found under the Site Info forum: or arrive with the digital deliver of the code in your In-Mail.

If you have any questions or are confused please utilize the Support Button found in the Store and allow 24hrs for support to respond. The reply will be directed to your on site IN-Mail.

Provide simple and concise titles, clear photo (avoid stock images), and detailed descriptions. Failure to provide those items will result in a void listing.

Every item must be able to be delivered as Digital Delivery. If you can not deliver the item digitally than you are not allowed to list that item.

Agree to follow through on your listing regardless of the final amount.

Agree to follow through on your listing regardless of who wins your item.
Allow 72hrs after listing ends to hear from a buyer before relisting the item. They have 24hrs to respond to contact you regarding the product however we recommend you give them at least 72hrs to ensure the delivery of the item and contact to be made.

On any digital service that you are providing (i.e. sigs, custom pics, icons) we recommend no more than 72hrs for delivery.

To clarify: once you receive contact from buyer within the 24 hrs mark you have 72hrs to deliver the product if it is a digital service. If it is a digital code product you have 24hrs to deliver the code with instructions on how to redeem. Failure to deliver on the product will result in immediate BAN from the site and store. Removing the ability to utilize our services moving forward and the forfeiture of all EC.

Please price accordingly and fair if you post ridiculous prices your item will be denied from listing.

All items must pass administration approval before actually listed.

Raffle System:

The way the raffle system works is you enter your name into a system and when the time limit reaches zero the system will send the notification to the winner and also notify the seller of the person who won. It is still the responsibility of the Buyer to notify the Seller within 24hrs of the ending time.

Prohibited Items:

To protect our community, we've created a list of prohibited items and reserve the right to delete any listings containing or related to the items without notice. Additionally, we reserve the right to delete listings that appear to be illegal, fake, fraudulent, misleading, and incomplete or duplicates at our discretion. We also reserve the right to delete any listings that we deem inappropriate for our community without notice or explanation. Violating these rules may result in a temporary suspension and repeated violations may result in a permanent account ban and loss of all EC.
In selling or buying items, it is the individual's responsibility to uphold any contracts or conditions tied to the item. Because Elite Team Play Inc. is not a party to these contracts, we do not review, enforce or otherwise act on any contractual terms set forth by the item's manufacturer, including restrictions on sale or transfer of the item.
We review and approve all listing so Prohibited Items will not be listed in this store. You may or may not receive a reasoning of denial of listing.
Once a person has received multiple denials of listing you may lose your right to list period and also may be fined Virtual Currency as punishment.

Digital Delivery:

Digital items such as electronic gift cards, digital codes, bitcoin, or any other digital item that will be transferred online, and digital services are the only option you have for delivery. To prevent confusion about whether the item will be shipped physically or delivered electronically. * NO ITEMS WILL BE SHIPPED PHYSICALLY*
In order to list an item, it must meet one of the requirements below:
1. The item can be used or claimed, and upon use, no longer has value and cannot be reused. Examples include ultraviolet movie codes, gift cards, rewards codes and subscription codes for services like Xbox Live
2. Is a service that you can send through our systems IN-Mail. Examples include Custom Signatures, Xbox One Custom backgrounds, custom created images, profile custom images.
Below are examples of items that do not meet these criteria and therefore cannot be listed:
1. Digital recipes, ebooks and other informational/instructional content (DIY, jailbreaking instructions, patterns, tips/advice, etc)
2. Software or digital content that is freely available online
3. All digital media/content, regardless of copyright ownership and resale/distribution rights (published ebooks, photography, music)

Pro Shop Suspensions:
Users can be suspended from using certain parts of the site such as commenting, private messaging, raffles and listing items. Some suspensions can included ban from Elite Team Play website entirely. Display of inappropriate behavior can lead to these suspensions without warning. If suspended, users will be notified via In-Mail with the details of their suspension.
We take fraud very seriously, and prohibit the following actions which can result in account suspension. Credits obtained from these actions may be taken away without notice.
1. A single user signing up for multiple accounts
2. Creating more than one account on a computer
3. Creating more than four accounts per household
4. Shill raffles (when sellers or someone they know places a entry on their listing to drive the price up) Warning they have entered into a raffel and could win.
5. Winning your own listing using separate accounts
6. Harassing other members through the message system, personal e-mail, IN-Mail system or any other system
7. Using hateful/inflammatory language/profanity on the site, in feedback, or in messages
8. Hacking or exploiting the web site
9. Accessing the server or web site using scripts, bots or other automated methods
10. Misusing the site to accumulate credits, feedback, or to otherwise gain an unfair advantage
11. Misrepresenting your listings and items
12. Accumulating credits fraudulently or unfairly
13. Accumulating feedback fraudulently or unfairly
14. Promoting your referral link and/or unrelated listing links via SPAM
15. Soliciting offline transactions or exchanging any items directly for cash

Violation of any of these rules may result in a ban from ETP, the Pro Shop, or forfeiture of any currency you have.

If you have any questions please let me know.