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    EHLlogosmall Rulebook Section V: The Rules

    Section V : The Rules


    Section 1 : Rule Book

    Section 2 : Punishments
    ----------- : 2.1 Restrictions

    Section 3 : Game Rules
    ----------- : 3.1 Diving / Kneeling for the Puck
    ----------- : 3.2 Self Board Play
    ----------- : 3.3 Ragging the Puck / Running out the Clock
    ----------- : 3.4 Wrap Arounds

    Section 4 : Resolving Infractions Mid-Game
    ----------- : 4.1 Procedure
    ----------- : 4.2 Possession
    ----------- : 4.3 Penalties
    ----------- : 4.4 Goals

    Section 5 : Rulings

    Section 6 : Playoffs

    Section 7 : Management and Owners
    ----------- : 7.1 Line Submission
    ----------- : 7.2 Stats
    ----------- : 7.3 Forfeits

    Section 8 : Conduct


    Section 1: EHL Rulebook

    The rulebook is to be used as guideline to emulate Sim Style basketball play. The league attempts to be as realistic as possible in relation to pro sports, giving you the opportunity to live your virtual career online while earning “EC”, our virtual currency.

    The rulebook is not a black and white document and may be modified by league staff when deemed necessary. Changes made in the offseason may be made entirely at the discretion of staff. All changes during the season should be discussed by both staff and owners. While a vote is not necessary to pass a ruling, it is encouraged to gauge the interest of the owners. Any rule changes that could potentially affect the EC must be ran through site staff to ensure it's possible.

    Section 2: Punishments

    1st Offense: 1 Game Suspension and a fine of $500,000 (1 EC)
    2nd Offense: 1 Week Suspension and a fine of $1,500,000 (3 EC)
    3rd Offense: 1 Season Suspension (Black List) and fine of 100% of the players Salary or $5,000,000 (10 EC), whichever is greater.

    2 Season Suspensions and 3 Season suspensions will be handed out, carrying the same penalties as a “3rd offense” should the violations be deemed bad enough to affect the integrity of the league or website as a whole. The VPLO and/or other site staff will be involved in these decisions (not including Black Lists related to inactivity which are automatic 2 season).

    Training Camp players should be used to fill in as an ECU for suspended players. Teams will not be able to IR call up a Training Camp Player to fill in for a suspended player.

    2.1 Restrictions

    Complaints that are filed must not be talked about publicly in the forums. If you wish to discuss with your teams, or in parties, that is permitted, however, do not bring it up in the chat box or on the forum. Failure to adhere to this restriction will result in the complaint being deemed void.

    Section 3: Game Rules

    3.1) Diving / Kneeling for the Puck

    A player may only dive or kneel for the puck in the defensive zone, and may only do so for a maximum of 3 seconds. If a violation occurs and the defending team receives the puck, they must return possession to the other team.

    3.2) Self Board Play

    A player may only self board play behind the red line in the defensive zone, for a maximum of 3 seconds. A player may also self board play if they are first to the puck on a dump in, and must only be done behind the red line in the offensive zone for a maximum of 3 seconds. If a violation occurs, the violating team must give up possession of the puck to the other team.

    3.3) Ragging the Puck / Running out the Clock

    Players are permitted to reset a breakout in their zone, however, they are not permitted to kill time off the clock for any reason by holding the puck in the defensive zone.

    Players found violating this rule are subject to discipline by the league.

    If a violation of this rule occurs that may affect the outcome of the game, the league reserves the right to have a section of the game re done to ensure proper completion of the game.

    3.4) Wrap Arounds

    Any form of wrap around is permitted in the EHL.

    Section 4: Resolving Infractions Mid-Game

    4.1) Procedure

    Players in the game are not permitted to message anyone on the opposing team during gameplay. Managers that are not in the game are allowed to message ONLY the other teams managers if required.

    4.2) Possession

    If an infraction occurs that only results in loss of possession, the team must return possession immediately. If a case occurs where the team cannot return possession, they must do so the next time they are able to.

    4.3) Penalties

    If a penalty is incurred as a result of an infraction, the offending team must return the penalty by taking one of their own. This is to be done by taking the puck into the defensive zone and dumping it over the boards as quickly as possible or trying to start a fight receiving a unsportsmanlike penalty. The same positional player as the one that was penalized on the other team must do this.

    If multiple penalties are incurred, multiple penalties must be returned.

    In the case of the issues being to hard to resolve in game. The game must be played out as normal and a complaint must be filed following the game.

    4.4) Goals

    In the instance of a goal being scored as a result of an infraction, the team has this option:

    The players are to allow the other team to win the faceoff, and are to skate to the sides of the ice. The goalie is to skate behind the net. This is to make it clear to the other team that they are “Returning” the goal.

    Section 5: Rulings

    The Commissioner and their staff will vote upon any complaints filed on rules being broken. A majority vote will be needed in order to punish the offending player. The offending player, along with their Owner will be notified of the ruling. The player will serve their suspension the week following the offense, as well as sitting out any potential replay games as a result of the violation.

    Section 6: Playoffs

    All normal rules will apply to the playoffs, however, any playoff specific rules will be conveyed to the league by the Commissioner prior to the playoffs beginning.

    Section 7: Management and Ownership

    7.1 Lines

    Owners are to ensure that they, or their GM, is submitting the lines weekly. If lines are submitted late or missing, the first offense is taken by the GM (should a team have a GM, and the GM was given the responsibility for posting lines). All other late or missing lines are the responsibility of the Owner.

    7.2 Stats

    Owners are to have all stats for each game entered 24 hours from game time. Failure to do so will result in an offense, escalating each time.

    3 games of missing stats - 1 game suspension
    6 games of missing stats - Week long suspension (includes previous 3 games for a total of 6)
    9 games of missing stats - Removal of position and Blacklist for current season (includes previous 6 games for a total of 9)

    7.3 Forfeits

    Owners must ensure their team does not experience excessive forfeits by making sure lines are ready for their scheduled times throughout the week. Forfeits will be judged on a week by week basis and an owner may be removed if staff feels the Owner is not performing his job in accordance with getting his team active. Examples of getting your team active would include: Filing inactive Blacklists, Call up / Send downs, and making Waiver / Free Agent claims.

    Section 8: Conduct

    Any conduct that is deemed detrimental to the website is subject to the TOU you agreed to when signing up. Punishment will be determined by site staff and may include up to elimination of your ability to use the website and forfeiture of all perks associated with your username, whether purchased or earned otherwise.
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