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    EBA Suggestions By Your Lord And Master, Traynor

    Its time for Traynor's Super Happy Fun Time Ideas! With your host Traynor!

    You know what really grinds my gears, the team pick-bidding situation. Lets say Im first pick in the team draft, I can choose any team I want and of course of I go the yazz. Now how is it fair that me as the first pick gets to pick the yazz while the last pick is stuck with a bad team like the warriors? You need to even the playing field, as there is no balancing you guys are doing with the team draft as the later picks are just screwed. Therefore I suggest the Traynor Special! I made a cute little graph for your troubles. Neato!!

    I will post more ideas as I think of them.
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    As always we appreciate your ideas and suggestions and please keep them coming. I see a couple holes in your logic. Just because you have the better team does not mean you will win the ship. In fact I can count on one hand how many times in previous leagues (in a galaxy far far away) the first pick actually won it all. It is still very difficult to build a team which brings a very realistic fantasy feel to the leagues. Many things have to go right and getting the first pick is the first step to that road however rewarding later picks with more cap does not make things even in fact they sway the scales quite bad. Just my opinion here.

    Never my decisions on league changes as Magz is the go-to guy for all things league related. Just wanted to share my thoughts is all.




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