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Thread: June news!!!

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    Eliteblueicon June news!!!

    Hello community,

    Summer is here, finally school is out for those of you still in, the rest of us now have yard work, cook outs, days at the beach. Who wants to be stuck inside and play games? We understand 100% that we will see a low log in and sign up numbers coming this summer. We are with you, however if you find yourself board this summer we will still be here. Below is the happenings for the Month of JUNE and a quick update on everything ETP.

    PRO SHOP!!!

    We found huge success with the EBA Promotions we ran this month, members seem to enjoy putting EC on the player/team they want to support or feel that will meet or win its goals. We want to do more promotions like this so please we are open to suggestions that you want to see as a community. We need to take a moment and thank our very own Outaker for approaching us with this idea. We had to work it a bit to work with our system however we appreciate all that he does for us here at Elite Team Play.

    4 New colors dropped as you can see from my bunnies in my name. We have blue blocks, blue sun and orange name color as well as the bunny. Check them out today and pick you up a name color to stand out.

    Over 1,000 dollars worth of stuff given away here at ETP, EA Access, Live Codes, Xbox Cash, Games, just some items that these guys won: THE TRUTH JGW, Traynor, Zabriel88, Kobe, Xoamfil, EASTERN30, R3tUrNoFTh3KiNg any many others. If you are not using your EC to get free stuff than you are missing out. As for the community that is not interested please let us know what you would like to see. We are always up for suggestions to get you involved. Send us a PM and let us know what items you want to see this month.

    Just to share some more numbers we have had over 100 products in the store since launch, over 400 purchases with the EC, over 20 coin packages purchased and we are happy to see people utilizing our Pro Shop daily.

    Explanation of EC: It is a free to play currency that you gain while being active and playing in our leagues. This currency can be used for many things in our Pro Shop. If you want to you can purchase EC if you would like to have more or don't want to take the time to earn it. The average cost is 3 cents per silver coin. So you can enter to win many items for pennies on the dollar. Or it would cost you nothing to stay active and be a part of our community.

    ENOUGH PROMO get on with the League news..

    EBA: Elite Basketball Association

    EBA is just finishing up season 3 (6/10) and will be running a last season on 2K16 this very soon. Congrats to the Thunder and Cavs players as one of them will be crowned EBA Season 3 Champs soon. Go sign up for Season 4 as it will be ran a bit different with All Star Team Up rules. Everyone gets to play a good player, here is your chance to shine for season 4. Also it is a good way to say goodbye to NBA 2K16 as we wait for NBA 2K17. Speaking of NBA 2K17 PRO LEAGUES will be dropping upon release. (more info below)

    So go sign up for season 4 and tell your friends, also looking for more good owners to support EBA. Quick shout out to Season 3 Award winners your EC and payroll will be done in the upcoming week.

    ESL: Elite Smite League

    Do you play Smite on the Xbox One? Its a free to play game and fun as hell. This league is taking off and has over 80 Sign ups, its one of the fastest growing leagues here at ETP. We are excited for this league to expand even more. Sign ups are open and bidding takes place this week (6/12). Be a part of something amazing as we continue to see good numbers and new member's joining to play Smite on ETP.

    Huge shout out to the people behind the ESL, Kuhrow, Recalibrates, CMFC Playa, Woohdy v2 and all the owners that where selected. I am excited to see this league take off.

    EHL: Elite Hockey League

    We currently have 60 sign ups and no movement here. I am really surprised at how this league is not moving after only 1 season. If we continue to get no interest we will wait until NHL17 before pushing this league. If you have any ideas on how to help us grow this league I am 100% open to any ideas. If we see nothing by middle of the month we will wait till late August to prepare for the next titles release.

    EFL: Elite Football League

    With the announcement of no OTP on Madden 17 we need to decide as a community to either run another season on Madden 25 or wait for Madden 18 and pray. Currently we have over 50 sign ups and I am sure we can get more as people want to play team play. Just not on that crappy Madden. As football season approaches I am sure people will get the itch to play. We are open to whatever the community wants and look forward to playing some football soon.

    Other Leagues:
    We have many other ideas and leagues in the work however those are the only active communities currently. If you have an idea or want to start a league please contact Magz or I as we would love to have you host it here at ETP.


    You will notice this month the entire site making a shift to prepare for the new title releases coming soon. We will be hosting Pro Leagues for almost every new OTP title. This is different than our current leagues as they will still be up and running. These leagues will have a cash prize pool included for the winners. You will bring your own roster while following our league rules to make it as fair as possible. We are still working out the exact details however it would play out something like this.

    EBPL: Elite Basketball Pro League
    The rules will be set up for the league based on fair rules. We will run the season and it will use our league system we created (stat system). You will pay to enter the league, (ex) cost 5 Elite Gold Coin you will find the product for this in the pro shop. All Prize Money will be announced before the start of the league for that season. (ex. 750 USD) Once you purchase it you will unlock options to own a team and be assigned into a forum that will allow you to post your team roster. (all team members must be members of the site, however you select them yourself) Staff will than build your team in the system. Once all slots are filled we will have the Team draft where you will be entered into a randomized system and have the same chance as any other owner to be selected as first overall in the team draft. It will be as fair as possible and you will use our currency to purchase a team and paid out cash if you win it all. So you will have a chance to win the prize money for that league.

    Expected leagues:
    EBPL: Elite Basketball Pro League (TEAM PLAY) NBA 2K17
    EBPL1: Elite Basketball Pro League (1 v 1) NBA 2K17
    EFPL1: Elite Football Pro League (1 v 1) MADDED 17
    EHPL: Elite Hockey Pro League (TEAM PLAY) NHL 17
    EHPL1: Elite Hockey Pro League (1 v 1) NHL 17
    ESPL: Elite Smite Pro League (TEAM PLAY) Smite
    EFCPL: Elite Fighting Championship Pro League (1 v 1) UFC

    Expect to see more info next month when we prepare to announce the EFPL 1v1 league in August with all the details.

    *still working out the details and all things above could change with no warning*

    We also have some exciting new features launching this summer in our league system. Continue to be a part of this community as we have many more great things to come for our community. Also invite your friends to join in the fun, it cost them nothing to be a part of a great site with a bunch of great people.

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