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    Eliteblueicon How does Elite Currency work for the ESL league?

    Hello Community,

    Like all other leagues on this site we use something called Elite Currency for our Pro Shop. Now the Pro Shop includes many different giveaways that allow you to use your EC to enter the raffle. Currently we have given away over 2K in prizes from our pro shop in only 6 months. It also includes upgrades for the site, things such as name colors (changes monthly) and upgraded signature space, upgrade accounts as well as community sig shops. Every league is awarded EC differently and this is how it breaks down for this league.

    Every 500K you are paid you will receive 1 Silver EC = example 1.5 million player I receive 3 Silver EC to use in the pro shop. You also receive EC based on the Awards given at the end of the season, as all the following are voted on by a committee:

    AWARD - HOW TO GET IT - Individual or Team - Bonus to Salary

    MVP - Most Valuable Player, you are the most important player to that team for the season, it is a single league wide award showing that you are the league MVP, voted on by a committee - Individual - 4 Million

    Owner of the Year - You are the best owner of the season, with zero to low forfeits as you pushed to make sure your team showed up every week, also you handled yourself like an owner in respect to the league, helped to better the league as a whole and helped the league understand the true meaning of what an owner is here in the ESL - Individual - 5 Million

    Solo Laner of the Year - You successfully dominated the Solo Lane as your stats show you dominated in assisting your team and successfully killing all foes that come into your lane. You played this role better than the rest in the ESL for this season. The system must show your main role as Solo to receive this award. - Individual - 2.5 Million

    Jungler of the Year - You yelled "Welcome to the Jungle" with open arms as you dominated the art of Jungle-ing. Very few dared to roam in your dominion as you jumped out and supported each lane and successfully, you also showed the rest you need no lanes to be a powerhouse in this season of ESL. The system must show your main role as Jungler to receive this award - Individual - 2.5 Million

    Mid Laner of the Year - You ran the mid like no other as you became powerful and supported the outside lanes late in game. Others feared to face you in the mid lane as you showed dominance in that lane. The system must show your main role as Mid to receive this award. - Individual - 2.5 Million

    Carry of the Year - You always start off weak but show everyone that by the end you are force to be reckon with as you dominate this role of Carry. You role through the opposition as you carry your team to victory. The system must show your main role as Carry to receive this award. - Individual - 2.5 Million

    Support of the Year - You heal and buff your allies to give them the best opportunity to win the match. You turn the tide of the battle when you show up supporting your team like the boss you are. The system must show your main role as Support to receive this award. - Individual - 2.5 Million

    Sub of the Year - You are always around to help your team when needed. You understand your role and play it as you fill in for the man down. Without you the game was lost and you where there to at least give your team that shot at victory. Not only where you just there you assisted and showed you deserve a starting role next season. - Individual - 2.5 Million

    Split pusher of the Year (Most Structure DMG) - Towers and the Phoenix aint got nothing on you. You had the most structure DMG in the season and show that obstacles are there to be knocked down. - Individual - 2.5 Million

    Hard Carry of the Year (Most DMG Dealt) - Gods run from your wrath as you dealt the most DMG for the season. You have sent many gods back to the portal of life crying. - Individual - 2.5 Million

    Tank of the Year (Most DMG Taken) - You yell "Hit Me" as you run into many battles begging to soak up the damage. You have taken the most DMG for this season, yes you may be sore and tired however your team thanks you as you have saved countless wounds from finding your allies. You are truly a tank. - Individual - 2.5 Million

    ESL All-Stars (Top 2 players at every position) - Out of everyone to find its way into this season you are considered among the best at your position. The top two players at every position will be granted the ESL All-Stars for that season - Individual - 1.5 Million

    ESL Season Championship - Your team wins this season of the ESL, months of practice and gaming has paid off as you can count yourself the champions of the Elite Smite League. - TEAM - 4 Million

    ESL Season Championship MVP - You where named the Most Valuable Player of the Elite Smite Championship games. You where vital to the teams success as voted by your team. - Individual - 5 Million

    Allied Man of the Year - This is given to the leagues "man of the season", someone who went above and beyond to make this league a great experience. Someone who helped the newbies find a home, helped grow the league, brought a major change to the league or is just considered an all around great asset to this league. Any of those things are all good reasons to be named Allied Man of the Year. - Individual - 2.5 Million

    ESL HALL of FAME - There is no greater award in the history of awards. You will sit with your grand kids explaining how you are known as the one of the best to ever play Smite on Elite Team Play site. Bragging rights galore as you hoist this prestigious award in your trophy case. Really you can die now as there is nothing else in this world to accomplish. You must play a minimum of 4 season to even be considered, once considered a ownership vote must take place. GL GG - Individual - 5 Million + my respect = priceless

    ESL Rookie of the Year - You have made a splash as your first season in the ESL. Out of all the noobs you are the best. Not available the first season, starts season 2 of the ESL. - Individual - 4 Million

    ***More to come as we grow***

    All award bonuses adds to your salary for that season. Will be paid out at the end of the entire season automatically to your Elite Team Play account.

    We did not forget about the ones that help us to make sure the season runs as smooth as possible, below is the description and rewards for your help this season:

    Position - Expectations - + Salary - Eligible Bonuses

    Commissioner - Run the league and handle all admin responsibilities assign to them and complete a successful season as they help to grow the league each season - 7 Mill - Up to 3 Mill Depending on Season Performance *All Player bonuses apply

    Commissioner Staff - Handle all league duties assign to them and complete a successful season - 4.5 Mill - Up to 3 Mill Depending on Season Performance *All Player bonuses apply

    Media Director - Handle all media for the league, support the league with league news and updates. Write articles, host shows and keep the site active with new threads. With completed successful season - 2 Mill - Up to 5 Mill Depending on votes from Players/Staff/Commish/ & League Admin - On how they felt the Media team did that season *All Player bonuses apply*

    Media Team - Assist Media Director - 500K - Up to 3 Mill depends on Media performance *All Player bonuses apply*

    Owners - Own a team and complete all required tasks, as a player play 90% of scheduled games played with completed successful season - 7 Mill - *All Player bonuses apply* *FF Punishment will apply -500K per 3

    General Manager - Assist Owners with all duties, as a player 90% scheduled games played with a completed successful season - 4.5 Mill - *All Player bonuses apply* *FF Punishment will apply -250K per 3 FF

    All Staff will be denoted under username.


    Section V:2

    Section 2: Punishments

    1st Offense: 1 Game and a fine of $500,000 (1 EC)
    2nd Offense: 1 Week Suspension and a fine of $1,500,000 (3 EC)
    3rd Offense: 1 Season Suspension and fine of 100% of the players Salary or $5,000,000 (10 EC), whichever is greater.

    2 Season Suspensions and 3 Season suspensions will be handed out, carrying the same penalites as a “3rd offense” should the violations be deemed bad enough to affect the integrity of the league or website as a whole. The VPLO and/or other site staff will be involved in these decisions (not including Suspensions related to inactivity which are automatic 2 season).

    2.1 Restrictions

    Complaints that are filed must not be talked about publicly in the forums. If you wish to discuss with your teams, or in parties, that is permitted, however, do not bring it up in the chat box or on the forum. Failure to adhere to this restriction will result in the complaint being deemed void.

    2.2 Exceptions

    The only exceptions to a punishment are:

    The rule broken has no affect on the play, or is unsuccesful. IE: Charge outside of the 3 point line, but gets a blocking foul.

    A player provides retribution after breaking the rule. IE: Player takes charge outside of the 3 point line, then the team takes a backcourt violation to give the ball back. IE: Rule breaking leads to points score, but team who broke the rule moves out of the way to allow a score of equal value in return.

    (includes Sub people)

    IF you have any questions on this please get with me.

    Thank you for being a part of this community,

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