I believe Design may not be the best "Adviser" since he did not first ban Ao Kuang, and due to this mistake he allowed Boogie on the opposite team from his(Designs) to go 42 and 13. As someone who is to advise and help our newer members, he should be up-to-date with all current meta bans, and general team comps. For banning Bacchus an Fafnir instead of Ao kuang, I feel he may be more biased to his personal opinions of which gods are hard for him to play rather than a team comp. Also, for his counter against Ao Kuang, he proceeded to jungle Thanatos of all Junglers. He has a strange addiction to trolling, and he may need to seek additional help. Also, I believe the person eligible for adviser should be in at least platinum with a minimum of 2000 ranked conquest ELO. I do not mean to be rude to Design, but I am just trying to do what I believe is best for the newer members to ETP and Smite itself.