For those of you who have aspirations of playing in the e-league, I'm very excited to announce that Elite Team Play, INC will be ensuring that our players get visibility. This will make playing in our league beneficial to you getting scouted and potentially drafted into the e-league. This is truly beyond anything I really thought we would be able to do for you guys as a community, but this will greatly benefit those of you who want to get your name out there.

We will likely have to switch a few things around, including potentially switching back to regular team up for this upcoming season (still need to discuss with staff once James gets moved in to his new home). You will see an increased Social Media presence, as well as scouts in streams. It will be very important that you stream your EBA games and send them to our twitter. We will then make sure your games get visibility and have scouts periodically in those games.

If you have any questions, I'll be glad to speak to anyone in the league. I look forward to the site helping you guys make your dreams come true in becoming an e-professional!